Unlimited MD referrals from 1 MD Connection Course!

Your implementation + Our MD marketing system = new patients referred by MDs flooding your practice indefinitely

MD marketing course, Scripts, MD presentation and live role-playing.

Stabilize your practice with 10+ new patients referred to you monthly by MDs!

So many chiropractors struggle with marketing and bringing new patients into their office. An inconsistent stream of new patients will lead to lower collections and a ton of stress regarding overhead, bills and sustaining your practice.

Save your marketing money!

Let’s face it! Marketing can be costly. You can spend a ton of money and get no results. That’s the price you pay testing your market, right? Marketing to MDs saves you money! Once you connect with AMD and you start receiving referrals, you don’t have to spend a dime on that connection. No other stream of marketing compares to this return on investment!

Practice, build confidence and refine your skills!

No need to be uncertain about getting face-to-face with MDs. This course includes live role-playing webinars where you will be able to practice the Scripts and build your confidence with your colleagues and MDs, making this the most unique and MD DC learning experience available.

Build Insta credibility!

No more standing at health fairs for hours on end. No need to bribe patients to refer to you constantly. With the opioid crisis in the public eye, there is no better time than now for chiropractors to step up offer a solution and gain the credibility we deserve.

You will be amazed at the quality of the new patients that are referred by MDs. You will build Insta credibility and become the DC that everyone is talking about in your community.

Dominate your market and connect with MDs!

Referrals from MDs to flood your practice forever in just one MD marketing course!

What's this MD marketing course all about?

MD Connection Course

Begin the course soon as you register. We will take you step-by-step on how to build relationships and communicate with MDs to establish your most profitable stream of marketing.

4 MD Marketing Strategies

You will learn the four proven strategies in this course that will get you connected to MDs in your community.

  • Strategy 1 MD lunch and learns
  • Strategy 2 10 minute meet and greets
  • Strategy 3 Systemizing MD notes
  • Strategy 4 Faxing referral requests

These come complete with all the scripts, ready to go MD PowerPoint presentation, research, macros for your software, prescription pad, 4 live role playing webinars with colleagues, sample notes, live recorded MD Lunch & Learn, accountability for ultimate success with implementation and much more.

Effective communication skills and live role-playing with MDs!

Step one is getting face-to-face with the MD. Step two is communicating effectively so that you actually start receiving referrals. You will learn how to teach the MD to refer to you and be able to role play live with your colleagues and MDs!

MD Marketing Made Simple

The thought of marketing to MDs may have been a daunting one for you. No need to stress. We have simplified the system so you can begin implementing immediately after this one course.
You will have an MD marketing system that you can implement and use indefinitely to build as many M.D. relationships as you desire.

Relationship Marketing Is In!

Keeping up with changes in the every evolving marketing world is hard. One thing that remains constant and always will are the authentic relationships you build in your community. This goes for any relationships as well. You don’t have to be someone you’re not when marketing to MDs. Let me show you how to effectively communicate with MDs while being YOU to build a long-lasting, profitable, authentic MD relationship.

In just 7 Days!

One of my new clients sent this to me after joining the program 7 days ago!

About the instructor

Your MD Marketing Coach

Dr. Nicole Lindsey

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In Just ONE MD DC Connection Course...

Become a Confident DC that connects with all MDs, PTs and Healthcare Practitioners in your town and enjoys endless referrals that increases practice stability and profits for years to come!